Mumpreneur Monday: Getting the most out of Conferences by Catherine Oehlman

Are you coming along to the Connect2Mums Conference in a few weeks time? (I hope so!) For most of us as mothers, getting to a conference requires a lot of organisation. We need to arrange for someone to take care of our kids, and leave things in order on the home front. Some mums even have to prepare meals in advance! So after all that effort, you want to make sure the weekend will be worthwhile. Here are ten easy tips to help you get the most out of the conference:

1. Have a 30 second introduction prepared. It just needs to summarise who you are and what you do in a friendly way.
2. Have a 1-3min spiel ready too! If your 30 second intro is well received you may be asked to share more about what makes you and your biz unique.
3. Think about who you want to connect with before you get there. Make sure you know their first name and the name of their biz. Use social media sites to help you recognise contacts you are yet to meet IRL. (On that note, make sure your own social media profile pics are nice clear images of your face so that others can recognise you too! Don’t put up a glamour shot unless you plan on being glamorously made up all weekend...)
4. Ask questions even if you think they are silly. You probably won’t look silly at all, but IF you do – isn’t it better to look silly for a few seconds than stay silly for months, or years, still not knowing the answer?!
5. Take notes. Don’t tell yourself you’ll remember later – you probably won’t.
6. Don’t put yourself down, or talk yourself up too much. Neither will help you to engage meaningfully with new contacts.
7. Take lots of business cards. If you’re just starting out, make up some free ones online with your basic contact details.
8. Give. Come ready to give to others, and you’re sure to get a whole lot back in return. Give information, give offers of help, give ideas, give encouragement, give a smile!
9. Wear clothes and shoes that make you feel confident, but are still comfortable. Nothing worse than being so distracted by your aching feet that you can’t concentrate.
10. Relax and enjoy yourself. Your kids are being lovingly cared for, so allow yourself this time for personal growth and a little fun!

What would you add at #11? Anything I missed...? See you there Mumpreneurs!

Catherine Oehlman (aka SquiggleMum) is a mother, teacher, writer and award winning blogger. You can find Cath squiggling about a range of topics close to her heart on her own blog and in many other places online and in print. She was the 2009 Top AusMumpreneur and will be presenting a workshop at the 2010 conference.

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  1. I really like point number 4 Cath. To a newbie or a stay-at-home mum without a home based business, a lot of 'business-type' questions seem like they will sound silly, but I agree wholeheartedly - ask anyway. I think many budding mumpreneurs are held back because of these unasked questions. It seems that we are often more afraid of asking than of the potential answer!

    If I could also add here - ask the questions you are curious about even if you think the answers don't apply to you. You NEVER know what opportunities will present themselves, and when. Store the knowledge away just in case you too, like those fabulous award nominees, discover your secret passion and suddenly find yourself doing the job of your dreams - you may find yourself on the podium next year :)



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