Mumpreneurs Conference Presenters

Leah Squire

Leah Squire is founder and owner of internet based travel company BYOkids ...your family travel gurus.  Leah started the now multi million dollar business just over 3 years ago with a marketing budget of zero. specialise in the niche market of family holidays.  BYOkids was awarded best new business in Australia in 2007 and best micro business in 2008.
Leah is also the author of "Marketing with No Money to get your business the attention it deserves" where she shares the strategies she used to build her brand and business.

Susan Pearse

Author Susan Pearse is evangelical about improving minds – and not just her own. The Brisbane-based author is one of a small number of experts bringing the science of neuroplasticity –literally changing the way you think – to Australia. Through her latest joint entrepreneurial endeavor, Mind Gardener®, Susan translates this science into a series of step-by-step guides designed to help people through various stages of their lives. Susan is presenting Setting Goals & Common Traps in Business

Terri Cook
Terri grew up witnessing first hand, the inner workings of business. The successes, the not so successful times, the full workings from start up to a fully fledged business. With that kind of training ground and after 7 ½ years running a recruitment agency in the CBD of Brisbane, Terri moved full time into her own coaching practice and has been running her successful business from home for the last 8 years. Terri will be presenting the following Workshop at the Mumpreneurs Conference ~HOW TO grow your business and be FABULOUS AT THE SAME TIME.

Johanna Baker-Dowdell
Johanna has more than 15 years experience writing for newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs and 11 years in marketing and public relations in both Australia and the UK.
This experience includes interviewing, researching and writing for a range of different media and audiences, editing, proofreading, media and client liaison.
Johanna works with SME businesses, providing article writing, newsletters, press releases, blogs, copywriting, editing, ghost writing, media liaison, promotional opportunities including speaking and competitions and PR strategy through her business Strawberry Communications.
Johanna is presenting PR and Communication

Tanya Love
With over 10 years of photographic experience and knowledge to her credit, and many lessons learned, Tanya is making waves in the commercial industry as a unique and eclectic photographer of kid and baby products. Though her buisness Love Bytes –
Tanya’s style is vibrant, whimsical and bold. Quirkiness and “out there” have become her trade mark and her images are often instantly recognisable due to their intense colour saturation, distinctive styling and diverse use of posing ideas. Tanya workshop is on Photography and Photoshop basics.

Helen Butler
Helen Butler is an Accomplished Professional Organiser who is the Director of two Professional Organising businesses – Clutter Rescue and Organise Your Site.
Having always had the organising gene, the move to Professional Organising was a natural transition. Clutter Rescue’s goal is to provide each client with clutter-free physical spaces that are well designed, efficient and suit the client and their organising style. Helen will be presenting a workshop on The 3 ½ secrets to Time Management for Mumpreneurs

Vicki Frittmann
Vicki Frittmann’s journey began when she attended an Ecommerce conference and began to build her first website. She quickly realised that to have a website and products to sell was not enough. SEO was what the site needed to ensure that it ranked high in the search results. After attending several more conferences relating to SEO, Vicki became a member of a USA based Online Merchant forum, made up of SEO experts, and spent months educating herself and applying the techniques, to her site, with amazing results. Vicki is presenting her workshop on SEO

Catherine Oehlman is an inspirational parenting blog combining a mother’s heart and teacher’s mind with a writer’s hand.  Catherine Oehlman draws on her expertise as a primary school teacher while raising her own two young children, and shares ideas for other parents as she goes.  She has particular interests in literacy, outdoor education and faith based parenting.
She is also in high demand as a reviewer of products for Australian parents and children.  In 2010 Catherine will be releasing an ebook at as well as more free resources.  Catherine writes paid articles and posts both on and offline for a range of sites and publications. Catherine is presenting a workshop on The Online You

Alycia Edgar
Alycia will be presenting a workshop on Financial Success at the Mumpreneurs Conference, this workshop will cover how to keep your numbers organised and how to plan and track your goals for financial success. As an accountant and former surf shop owner Alycia understands the issues that small business face everyday.  She believes  you can  work on your business effectively simply by understanding your business numbers.  She creates innovative systems and processes that enable business owners to be highly focused and productive in their business.

Sally Naughton
Is a superstar at Sales. After leaving a 20 year corporate career to start her own buisness "I think there is a real hurdle to get over for a lot of mums in business that has to do with putting themselves out there more, being more upfront about their biz/their products and promoting the benefits/communicating the benefits to others who ultimately will be grateful for the information."  This can drastically increase the translation of lookers into buyers.  First and foremost It is about engaging the customer in a conversation about them and building the relationship, asking them questions that will help to find their needs and then you can lead them to how your products can help meet those needs.

Nick Bowditch
Nick built up three successful small businesses in less than 2 years without spending a cent on conventional marketing or any traditional advertising. Nick is an Australian online success story.  Basically broke and with his young family expanding quickly, Nick took one of the bravest – and best – decisions of his life and chucked in his city job to start his own travel business, working from home.
He built up that business from a customer database of just four when he started, to more than 4,500 a year later – all without staff, a shopfront, and without any mainstream advertising in print, radio or television – instead promoting his new business using Social Media Marketing.

If you'd like to attend the 2010 Mumpreneurs Conference tickets are available now, click here for details and to book your ticket.

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