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"My partner and I had been looking into taking on the role as foster carers and the process has opened my eyes to just how much some kids don't have.

Imagine being taken from your home by strangers (police or DOCS) with nothing but the clothes you are wearing or possibly a rubbish bag hastily stuffed with clothes or toys and then being sent off to live with strangers. Or being in care with one family for a month or so and then being moved on to the next one. Some of these kids have nowhere to call home.

My thoughts behind the backpacks are - the pack stays with the child; it has p.j.'s a little blanket, maybe some clothes, an age appropriate toy or book, and a little torch. Backpacks 4 Aussie kids provides essential supplies for children in foster care. It’s a simple idea but means so much for Australian children who have nothing and in many cases don’t know what the future will hold for them
." Despina Parakas of

Dr Lucy was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in her late teens. She has however gone on to have a successful career as a doctor and busy family life with her husband, raising 2 children. Not content with all this, Lucy started up Better Than Flowers with the aims of providing a fun working environment that delivers a beautiful product with exceptional service, whilst raising the profile of muscular dystrophy in the community.

Better Than Flowers is a boutique business situated on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. It’s a non-profit business which donates all profits to FSHD-Global for research into muscular dystrophy.

"How has positivity changed my life? I have learnt to celebrate one of the hardest things a person, a mother, can experience and find the best of it. I can look back and see that my life and career choices were leading me to this point, so that I could be best equipped to deal with whatever comes my way from now on. And for that I feel truly blessed because I know I have the personal tools to overcome anything.  

Most importantly I have attracted some of the most amazing people I could imagine into my life, created incredible connections and friendships, and even a financial gain or two. I make every day all it can be, I count my blessings and celebrate the small stuff, so that I don’t lose sight of what is really important in my world." Susan Wallis of

The divine Australian baby care range, LITTLE INNOSCENTS is standing out from the crowd in more ways than one.  Proving that organic and natural needn’t mean boring or ineffective, this range of hair, body and bath products have already become firm favourites with mums and families all over the country.

LITTLE INNOSCENTS provides safe, organic and gentle skincare that is a modern and stylish alternative, aimed at bringing the goodness of organics to every typical modern family at a reasonable price.

Put simply, these are products that are easy to use, multi-purpose, versatile and practical-moisturising and cleansing without compromising on performance or scent. 

AusMumpreneur of the Year finalist Antonette Golikidis of

TrendyKidz™ is all about ‘age appropriate’ children’s clothing from newborn to teen, letting kids be kids and dress appropriately, without breaking the bank! (our price range is $18 - $60)
TrendyKidz™ is unique because, whilst the clothing is designer label, durable and high quality (with adjustable waists and necklines, providing value for money and room for growth) all of the ‘standard’ size boundaries have dissolved (e.g. if a child was 6 yrs old but needed a size 8 in clothing, they would usually have to go into the 8-14yr range).
TrendyKidz™ produces larger sizes in the correct style for each age, and therefore stops a 6yr old from potentially having to dress as a teen! AusMumpreneur of the Year finalist Bev Rolt of

La Toriana is an online baby/childrens boutique like no other.  Synonymous with quality, stylish and affordable designer clothing, toys and accessories.  This is evident from the first sight of the website, through the products, and customer care.  
We showcase and support Australian and New Zealand designers in kids fashion industry with a special passion and focus on premmie babies.  We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service where we strive to surpass all expectations in online shopping.  We try and keep up with current trends and styles in the industry to pass on to our customers. Our greatest asset is loyal and repeat customers and best form of advertisement is their word of mouth testimonials. AusMumpreneur of the Year finalist elizabeth Murphy of
Cushie Tushies provide the benefits of cloth nappies but the convenience of disposables,with a bit of fashion thrown in for fun!
Cushie Tushies debunk all the myths about cloth nappies. They are designed to adjust easily, fitting from newborn to toddler, using fabrics that are both durable and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. Plus, they are super absorbent, lasting 3-12 hours between changes.Modern cloth is a fast growing trend amongst Aussie parents who are increasingly conscious of the health benefits for their babies.
The cost savings compared to disposables are impossible to ignore - up to $3000 per baby! The eco-conscious parent also loves modern cloth, as it uses far less water, chemicals and energy to produce than disposables. 
AusMumpreneur of the Year finalists Catherine Langman & Michelle Fowler of

Koolaman Designs is a family owned and operated business run by my sister and myself. We manage our business from our respective homes despite living 450km apart and having six children between us.
We proudly produce a range of beautiful silver jewellery, which is handstamped creating a truly unique piece for each and every person. Our signature pendants are a popular choice for people celebrating important occasions and milestones such as the birth of a child or an anniversary.
Koolaman Station is a 73,000‐acre sheep and wheat property, which has been in my husbands family for three generations. It lies 70km north west of Balranald near the Victorian and New South Wales borders and near the World Heritage Mungo National Park. 
AusMumpreneur of the Year finalists Stacey Clayton & Lisa O'Keefe of

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