10 Reasons YOU need to be at the 2010 Melbourne Mumpreneurs Conference!

1. Social media success

This conference features the incredible Sam Mutimer, this fun loving girl is a social media whiz specializing in youtube, twitter, facebook & linked-in she’s ready to give us the low-down on what social media is NOW and how to make it work for YOU!

2. Work on your business

Take the time to reflect on your business and the future direction you
will take to move you forward! With the opportunity to work on your
business instead of in your business!

3. Make your business more efficient

Alycia Edgar loves systems. She’s passionate about being organized, focused and productive. Hear how creating effective systems in your business can help you find success!

4. Network!

Connect2mums events are all about connecting! Meet talented women from around Melbourne and beyond, Peace & Katy will be there too and you’ll also have the opportunity to speak one on one with each of our fabulous business presenters.

5. Chocolate

You knew we’d have chocolate right? Yes, chocolate will be available for conference delegates!

6. Gain Media attention

Bec Derrington, PR specialist and founder of Sourcebottle will be sharing her secrets on how to get noticed by the media and get your business and you the amazing publicity you deserve!

7. Be inspired

Imagine a room filled with talented, successful and friendly women who understand your challenges and triumphs. This is the magic of connect2mums, we get it, we understand the life of a mumpreneur! Be inspired by women who have overcome adversity and achieved success in business and in life!

8. Prizes

At connect2mums we love prizes!! We’ll have fabulous giveaways
throughout the day for you to WIN! Thanks to our generous prize

9. Secrets of a successful Launch

Hear the secrets of how B.Box became a high demand brand with orders and awards from around the world within 12 months of launching their product. Dannielle Micheals & Monique Filer will present a session on the steps to take to create a successful launch!

10. Friendship

Meet up with the people you’ve got to know online through connect2mums, facebook and twitter, find new friends and connect with old ones!

Here's what some of our attendees said about our last conference:

Meeting other Mumpreneurs was so inspiring in itself. Everyone has an entirely different story but everyone had one thing in common. Have a dream and go for it. Being a mumpreneur is not always easy but it can be sooo rewarding. Jayne Day

I learned to refocus, reassess my values, and prioritize. I came away from the weekend feeling supported, motivated, and cared for. Nicole Grant

Was ecstatic to be surrounded by so many beautiful, amazing, talented, strong women who all have a zest for life and humble courage to meet life's challenges head on. Every time we come together I am awestruck by how powerful women are, and for all the right reasons, prepared to fight for their children and other's, their families and other's, the environment, and most importantly for themselves, because without them the world would be a much poorer place spiritually. I'm glad and proud to be a woman and a part of C2M's! Sally Naughton

I have been to lots of conferences over the years and this would have to have been one of the best. Yes there were great speakers and I have many strategies to now go and implement but the feelings of support, generosity and encouragement were palpable at this conference. I will definitely be back. Dr Lucy Burns

Everything i do is for my family, nothing is for me.... I am so passionate about people and making others feel inspired and valued that I forget about myself. I think everyone in that room was just another version of me and I was astounded at the strength, honesty and passion that everyone had
for what they were doing but also for each other. It is so common in day to day life that others feel insecure/petty/unnoticed and are ready and willing to shut you down but not one of the connect 2 mums girls made me feel that way and I LOVED IT.
  Lana Purcell

I enjoyed meeting everyone! There wasn't a single person that I met at the conference that I didn't learn from, and will probably continue to learn from as time passes.

What did I enjoy most? The instant rapport, the wealth of knowledge, the amazing and humbling stories of overcoming adversity to achieve, the laughter, the openness, the warmth and acceptance, and the common bond that we all had of being mums and business people that seemed just make us all "gel".
Tanya Love

I loved everything about the conference. All of the speakers were awesome and I have once again learnt so much that will help me and my business jump it to the next level.

I am all fired up !!!

The love and hugs that I received from old and new friends made me feel so special. I felt validated, supported, nurtured, cared for, educated and the list goes on.......
Vicki Frittman


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