Mumpreneurs Conference Presenter: Catherine Oehlman


Catherine Oehlman is a teacher, writer, blogger, emerging mumpreneur and most importantly mother to two great kids.  Catherine majored in music in her Bachelor of Education (Primary) but found her focus drawn to literacy when teaching in the early childhood, upper primary and library classrooms of Australia and the UK. In 2006 Cath left the career she adored and took on her most challenging role to date – as a mother.  While adjusting to life
as a mum herself, she dabbled in writing articles for other mothers before starting her own blog late in 2008.

By mid 2009 Catherine was receiving recognition for her blog at  She made the Top 100 Australian Women bloggers list and followed this up by winning the Connect2Mums Top Parenting Site Award.  At the Connect2Mums conference and awards night she then took out the honours as Top AusMumpreneur 2009.  

Catherine is a prolific writer online.  She is a staff blogger for Parenting Australia and has written over fifty articles for the site.  She regularly guest posts on a number of popular Australian parenting blogs and enjoys encouraging other mothers in their parenting journey.  As a literacy specialist Cath also contributes articles on children’s reading, writing and communication skills to the online publication Literacy Lava.  At Connect2Mums she writes the Connect2Bloggers column, sharing her knowledge of blogging, wordpress, online etiquette and tips for navigating the blogosphere.  As a result of her blogging, Catherine is often asked to comment on current issues for parenting and lifestyle magazines, and has also been interviewed for national radio.   

Cath leads a busy life offline as well.  She is passionate about equipping Christian women in their role as mothers, and coordinates a MOPS (Mothers Of Pre Schoolers) Group in Brisbane.  She regularly writes for MOPS Australia and maintains the MOPS Australia
site and forum.  In addition to speaking at other MOPS groups, Cath has run electives on writing and blogging at the last two Queensland conferences.  In 2010 she has been asked to lead the Worship Team and also present an elective about online issues at the MOPS Australasian Conference.  Catherine’s words of encouragement are regularly featured in Footprints Magazine for Christian Women. 

When it comes to writing though, picture books remain Cath’s first love.  On weekends she continues to work on picture book manuscripts which you will one day find on the shelves at bookstores and libraries.  That is, unless Cath lands a gig as a Playschool presenter... is an inspirational parenting blog combining a mother’s heart and teacher’s mind with a writer’s hand.  Catherine Oehlman draws on her expertise as a primary school teacher while raising her own two young children, and shares ideas for other parents as she goes.  She has particular interests in literacy, outdoor education and faith based parenting.
She is also in high demand as a reviewer of products for Australian parents and children.  In 2010 Catherine will be releasing an ebook at as well as more free resources.  Catherine writes paid articles and posts both on and offline for a range of sites
and publications.

The Online You
We are all spending more and more time online particularly in social media spaces.  We tweet, we blog, we update facebook pages and participate in virtual discussions.  For business reasons, personal reasons, or both, many of us live online almost as much as we live offline.  And whether we realise it or not, every update, tweet and comment contributes to our online persona. 

So who are you online?

In this workshop Catherine Oehlman (AusMumpreneur 2009, will walk you through a health check for The Online You.  Drawing from her experience as a blogger and success in the social media space, Cath will help you to identify who you are online, where you are spending your online time and what you are communicating to your readers.  She will also help you to recognise which online spaces will work best for you.  In addition to your health check Catherine will share some tips on building a strong and consistent profile, and also some must-know etiquette for navigating the various social media spaces.  If you spend time in the online world, you won’t want to miss Cath’s workshop on The Online You


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