The finalists of the AusMumpreneur Awards

Wow!  What a hard job our panel has had over the past few days!! We always knew it would be difficult but this was much harder than we imagined 

For those of you who haven't made it through to the next round of these awards {this time} we want to say you are ALL achieving amazing things we enjoyed reading all of your submissions and were amazed by the things you were ALL doing in growing your businesses, managing your families, teaching yourself new skills and evolving into amazing, confident businesswomen!

We'd like to encourage you all to keep working and we know you will because every single person who nominated shared one special thing in common and that was the ability to have a dream and go for it! In the end there can be only a handful of "winners" but we believe all of you have already won because you're doing something that you absolutely LOVE and feel passionately about and you're making a difference for your family, your clients and most importantly of all YOURSELF! We encourage you to nominate again next year and we feel truly blessed to have been able to read the stories of the journey so far of 170 inspiring women and we're sure we'll be seeing and hearing lots more about all of you in the bright future ahead! 

The finalists in each of the categories will be announced tonight at 8pm.

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