Mumpreneurs Conference Presenter: Susan Pearse


Author Susan Pearse is evangelical about improving minds – and not just her own. It’s a fact that her husband and two young toddlers will attest to, having lived and breathed the advice that Susan, along with fellow author Martina Sheehan, has made her life’s work.


The Brisbane-based author is one of a small number of experts bringing the science of neuroplasticity –literally changing the way you think – to Australia. Using scientific know how and drawing on her own personal experience, Susan specialises in translating the theory that explains how our minds change into simple, practical tools which can be applied to everyday situations – from parenting techniques to personal relationships.


As a working mother and entrepreneur, Susan understands better than most the challenges of juggling a busy career while still maintaining a rewarding and fulfilling family life – and the importance of taking timeout to reconnect with your partner, children and yourself on a daily basis.


“So many couples get caught up in their individual routines and forget to appreciate one another – fromthere it becomes all too easy to fixate on the negatives in a relationship. Cultivating your own mindsetso you think positively about your partner and recognize and avoid the signposts which lead to negativeattitudes and behaviours is actually very simple – it just requires a little awareness.


“Likewise, the way you interact with your children – even before birth – is all in the mind. Just a fewsimple mental exercises practiced on a regular basis can make all the difference in producing resilient,emotionally-balanced and happy children.


”Susan was born in Mackay in 1972 and moved to Brisbane to undertake a business degree at QUT.While her background is in consulting and facilitating organisational change, it wasn’t until meeting fellowmind fitness fanatic Martina Sheehan a decade ago that Susan began practicing techniques for training hermind and discovered where her real passion lay.


This new direction ultimately led to the creation of a highly successful consultancy business Reinvention,established in partnership with Sheehan in 2001. Reinvention has a reputation of transforming leaders,organizations and teams with ground-breaking brain based development programs.


It was through Reinvention’s involvement with the Mind and Life Institute and His Holiness the Dalai Lama that the pair became fascinated with the science of neuroplasticity – the concept that the humanbrain changes form and output over time and that individuals can cultivate their minds to improveperformance, increase happiness levels and ultimately change their lives.


Through their latest joint entrepreneurial endeavor, Mind Gardener®, Susan translates this science intoa series of step-by-step guides designed to help people through various stages of their lives. In fact, thehugely popular Bump to Baby Guide was written by Susan during her first pregnancy – and she practicedit religiously during her second a year later.


“I’m a firm believer in practicing what I preach – not only do my long-suffering family function as MindGardener’s official ‘field testers’, but I myself dedicate at least 20 minutes every day to exercising mymind. The beauty of it is that the exercises are seamlessly integrated into my daily routine – after morethan a decade of practice, it’s become as habitual as brushing my teeth.”


Susan enjoys days at the beach with her family and experimenting in the kitchen. She’s also busypracticing the mind exercises which will feature in Mind Gardener’s forthcoming range of guidesincluding the sought-after parenting guide.


Susan is presenting the following topics at the Mumpreneurs Conference

Setting Goals

Why does setting goals make such a difference to your motivation? By revealing simple and fascinating facts about your brain, we explain why having goals can make all the difference to your performance.

We are wired for complacency and distraction. Let’s face it, we regularly cook the same tried and tested meals, and we can’t help but check that new email no matter how busy we are! This session will make you more aware of your brain and the traps it lays for you every day. With new knowledge and practical exercises on setting and achieving goals, the future is yours for the taking.

Common Traps in Business

Yes, there is a lot to learn when starting or running your own business. But no matter how much others tell you or show you, you are bound to blaze a new trail. This session will arm you with the tools to recognise the common mindset traps that can trip up even the most well prepared or experienced person.

The business world is based on rational thinking…or so you thought! Evidence shows that biases, preferences and strange mindsets litter our decision-making and mostly go unrecognised. We will enlighten you to these traps and provide you with practical tools so you can catch them before they catch you.

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