Mumpreneurs Conference Presenter: Terri Cook

Introducing Terri Cook of The Success Zone

Terri has always had entrepreneurial blood running through her veins. Growing up in a family who were business owners, Terri grew up witnessing first hand, the inner workings of business. The successes, the not so successful times, the full workings from start up to a fully fledged business. With that kind of training ground within a number of industries including the family Real Estate business, Terri moved through University to complete 3 degrees before returning to real estate herself and then into recruitment. After 7 ½ years running a recruitment agency in the CBD of Brisbane, Terri moved full time into her own coaching practice and has been running her successful business from home for the last 8 years. Terri has a strong understanding of what it takes to run a successful business from home – having made all the mistakes herself she has the ability to show her clients what not to do and how to do things in the correct order. “I got clients right away as a life coach, when I began my own business – what I didn’t do was set everything up from the start properly – I ran at it like a bull at a gate and well quite frankly created this unholy mess where I had too many clients, no time to do anything, no time for my life outside my work, no business plan and no support. That’s where I made my first mistake. So in short things kind of imploded when a family member got sick and I really had to sit back and look at what I was creating. Why had I gone into business for myself??? What did I really want?? I WANTED IT TO BE FABULOUS!!!

So I set about organising some new goals for myself – I took on my own Coach again and reworked my goals, my hours and reclaimed my life and my business. My Priority was to be there for my kids and to create a business that allowed me to do so. That was my major goal – STILL IS!!! That’s what I focus on with my clients – showing them how to set up their businesses so that they can Re-claim their lives, their businesses and BE FABULOUS!!!! I focus on showing my clients how to set your goals, set your work and home life boundaries, your niche, how to speak to your niche in a way that they will understand and so much more.
In short we focus on creating a business to attract all the clients you want so you can earn the income you want and reclaim your life – You running your business rather than your business running you!!!

Mindset is another area of great importance in business and a key component of business success. I use the rules of the laws of attraction and action, NLP and cutting edge coaching techniques to show you have to have all the clients you want, earning the income you truly desire and have the life style that you dream about.

Terri will be presenting the following Workshop at the Mumpreneurs Conference

HOW TO grow your business and be FABULOUS AT THE SAME TIME. This workshop will focus on Re-claiming your Life and Business through marketing and mindset –


We will go through the 7 steps you need to be truly FABULOUS AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS AT A RAPID RATE!!!!! Both online and offline!!

Tickets to the Mumpreneurs Conference are available to purchase here!


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