Mumpreneurs Conference Presenter: Alycia Edgar

Alycia Edgar of Bookzkeeper

Alycia will be presenting a workshop on Financial Success at the Mumpreneurs Conference, this workshop will cover how to keep your numbers organised and how to plan and track your goals for financial success.

As an accountant and former surf shop owner Alycia understands the issues that small business face everyday.  She believes  you can  work on your business effectively simply by understanding your business numbers.  She creates innovative systems and processes that enable business owners to be highly focused and productive in their business. 

Previously Alycia worked in a variety of industries such as accounting firms, investment firm, government, small and medium business in the fields of management and financial accounting as well as information systems.
As an owner of a surf shop for 5 years and only recently sold, this experience gave Alycia the ability to relate to small business owners about the issues they face in their business every day.  Whether that is financial issues such as cashflow, or staff issues, marketing and promotions, time erosion from working in the business, lack of focus due to interruptions or her speciality, what is the story behind their financial numbers and what can be done about it.
The retail business was also the catalyst for her product Bookzkeeper-The Accounting Survival Kit for Small Business.

She used this system within her business and then with her clients businesses

and their tax accountants were amazed at how organised everything was.  Not only that, their tax was completed in record time with minimum fuss.

Alycia knows that accounting and financial numbers can be tricky to grasp especially for creative types.  She can help you understand your business numbers, the story behind them as well as ways to improve them.  Being organised in business is one of the challenges that once acheived can make owners and their business extremely effective and productive. She achieves this through regular mentoring sessions and implementation of systems, procedures and processes.

If you are interested in receiving insider tips on how to understand your numbers, join us here. As a bonus you'll receive the report "You or Your Bookkeeper Could be Costing You Money."

We're very excited to have Alycia as a special guest presenter at the 2010 Mumpreneurs Conference!


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