Mumpreneurs Conference Presenter: Tanya Love

Tanya Love was going to be a lot of things when she grew up, but never did she dream that one of them would be a photographer. A scientist, yes, a lawyer, maybe, arty farty photographer type, no!

But Mother Nature had other plans and one day, Tanya became a mum. Almost immediately, she found herself with camera in hand a LOT. Pretty soon, Tanya felt as though she was born to be a photographer, and came to realise just how much she loved colour, and light, and cute little faces smiling back at her! Putting them all together was the easy part, learning the techie stuff was not!

After a embarking on a steep learning curve including a lot of online mentoring from some notable international photographers, a trip to the USA, and a whole lot of reading, Tanya embarked upon a busy career as a wedding photographer and make-up artist, regularly flying interstate for her growing client base. Fast forward a few years, and Tanya temporarily "retired" from photography when it became clear that shooting 2 or 3 weddings every weekend just didn't suit a mum of 5 kids. Tanya instead returned to University, to commence a degree in Community Development and Child Welfare and started an online eco-business to pay the bills.

Even so, photography never was too far away with Tanya shooting products for her own website and taking on the role as the sole photographer for the International brand of organic kids clothing, Bacche, that her company was distributing in Australia.

But it seems that photography always was Tanya’s calling and late last year, she returned to it with a new found energy and enthusiasm! This time, it is different though. Now with over 10 years of photographic experience and knowledge to her credit, and many lessons learned, Tanya is avoiding the wedding game, and instead is making waves in the commercial industry as a unique and eclectic photographer of kid and baby products. Henceforth came the inception of Love Bytes –

Tanya’s style is vibrant, whimsical and bold. Quirkiness and “out there” have become her trade mark and her images are often instantly recognisable due to their intense colour saturation, distinctive styling and diverse use of posing ideas.

Currently, Tanya’s ever-growing client list includes international brands such as Agoo Canada and Bacche, with many smaller boutique brands closer to home also benefiting from her unique style. Tanya is also in the throes of the production of a series of instructional guides, sharing the secrets of product photography, photo editing basics and children’s photography in a way that is aimed at women, and which cuts through the technical jargon and teaches in a way that any woman truly appreciates!

Never without a long term project on the horizon, Tanya has recently embarked on a very special venture in a bid to raise awareness and much needed funds to assist in preventing child abuse and neglect in Australia. The project is called “Great Expectations” and aims to be a beautiful presented journal of black and white images showcasing intimate moments in the lives of well-known Australian celebrities and sports people. All profits raised from the project will go to ACT For Kids which is an amazing organisation that works with families and children at risk of child abuse and neglect in putting their lives back together.

Above and beyond it all, Tanya is a mum to 5 little cherubs that make her smile both inside and out during every moment of every day. Tanya is excited to be speaking at the Connect2Mums Mumpreneur Conference in 2010, and looks forward to sharing what she has learned with all of the wonderful, hard-working mums that she will meet there!

If you'd like to attend the 2010 Mumpreneurs Conference tickets are available now, click here for details and to book your ticket.


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