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peachface creates irresistible, nourishing and gentle organic body care products for tweens and teens that reinforce positive self-belief and healthy lifestyles.

The peachface concept and philosophy evolved from a conversation about our hopes and dreams for our daughters over a cup of tea. As mums of tween girls, we thought providing a skincare and personal care range of products that reinforced healthy positive lifestyles was important. 

We wanted products that not only offered young girls a natural and healthy way to keep their skin clear and clean but also reflected how important this period was in a young girl’s life.

That was 3 years ago, that conversation between 2 mums began an entrepreneurial partnership and quest to produce the most beautiful and simple tween and teen range of skin care products.
We set out to provide a range of products that fulfils their youthful curiosity and encourages young girls to be responsible for their own skin care routine. 

The peachface philosophy recognises that a young girl’s beauty is about more than just the surface of their skin, it is also about who they are. peachface wholistic approach to beauty reflects what’s important to young girls and encourages confidence in who they are. All the peachface products are labeled with a positive affirmation, a reminder that young girls are beautiful just the way that they are.

Teen and tween girls have a youthful wisdom we often forget and overlook as adults. They are well informed, know that natural products are better for them and that good skincare is important for a healthy complexion. They are environmentally aware and conscious of the impact they have on the planet and understand the decisions they make now reflect on their future. peachface products reflect this youthful intelligence, promoting personal awareness and natural healthy.

The peachface ethos promotes a well-rounded concept of personal care, promoting healthy living, eating well, drinking enough water, exercise, feeling positive about yourself and your friends. We understand that having a healthy complexion is essential to looking good, that it boosts confidence and self esteem, but we also believe that having confidence and positive self esteem enhances beauty. A smile and inner happiness is the best ingredient to a healthy look.

peachface formulations specifically meet the needs of young girls. The use gentle ingredients that actively reduce redness and inflammation while balancing and nurturing sensitive skin types. Natural ingredients are multi taskers, offering protection, whilst aiding the developing skin. We found that so much is possible with natural, organic and Australian Indigenous ingredients. The peachface formulations are incredibly high functioning whilst being very gentle.

Recognizing that teenagers and tweens experience is a challenging time, a time of big changes, both physically and emotionally and that something as simple as encouraging girls to use skincare products can make a big difference to them. The peachface formulations use essential oils that are known to not only benefit skin but to also promote healthy emotion.
By using a whole skincare routine it is possible to really enhance the skins health, each product in the peachface range is formulated to do its job whether that is cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, moisturising or zapping pimples the peachface products work.

What is peachface skincare?
peachface is beautiful and age appropriate range of skin care product for both teen girls and tween girls. Peachface is an Australian made and owned company locally made in Illawarra.

All the peachface products contain certified organic, natural and Australian Indigenous ingredients. And each product label displays a positive affirmation. At peachface we believe that thinking positively is a beauty booster of the most important kind.


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