Santina Jewellery and Accessories

Santina Jewellery and Accessories Santina Jewellery & Accessories was established to provide quality pieces to a niche market. Affordable and beautiful Jewellery that is made with the safest yet reliable materials...
Santina Jewellery & Accessories is stylish, elegant and timeless. A piece for any occasion, ranging from the fashion savvy Mother, to the elegant yet conservative individual. Comprising of semi precious stones, inspirational pieces, friendship hand woven bracelets and sterling silver.
Inspiration jewellery portrays our individuality and helps us to wear jewellery that ultimately brings out the best in any individual. The meaning behind the jewellery can give the wearer energy, a force of life as well as protection from harm. Our semi-precious stones such as black agate, quartz and turquoise ensure this protection is enhanced via the properties they possess.
The collection is always moving forward gaining inspiration from abroad and from within. Please feel free to drop me a line or visit my website for more information.


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