Cyclone Yasi Charity Auction

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For Katy & I the last 2 weeks have been incredibly difficult. Our community has been hit by one of the largest cyclones Australia has ever seen. The picture above shows you what happened at the small seaside community of Tully Heads when Cyclone Yasi came through. This is the street where one of our gorgeous friends and her family's house is. They've now lost their home and everything in it and all of their neighbours have lost their homes too. A whole community has been torn apart.

Some of our readers know Carolyn and have spoken to her online at connect2mums, she was the photographer who did a photoshoot at the beach with Katy & I for our feature in LittleOne Baby magazine in September of last year and she regularly attends Live Chat whenever she can. She is a beautiful person with 2 bright young boys, who is now 'homeless' and uncertain as to what the future will hold for her and her family.
I could not let this opportunity for us to help Carolyn in her greatest hour of need go by. And I hope you will all join me in helping her and her family on their road to recovery.
We are holding a charity auction to raise funds for Carolyn and other families whose homes have been destroyed by Cyclone Yasi. All funds raised by connect2mums will be distributed by registered non-profit organisation Mothers Helping Others Inc. (which was set up specifically to help cyclone recovery in the Cassowary Coast). We will call for donations of items this week (12 - 19 Feb) and then the charity auction will run the following week (20 - 26 Feb) the auction will be held at the 'Connect to Aussie mums' fan page
How you can help!
1. DONATE an item to be auctioned - products, gift vouchers, goods or services this is a great way to promote your business and get involved in helping families who need us right now.
2. BID we're hoping everyone will support our auction by bidding - every little bit helps!
3. Spread the word - please tell your friends, even if you can't bid, even if you have nothing to donate just let your friends know this will really help us to get our message out to as many people as we can!
If you would like to donate an item please email us at connect2mums (@) :
1. a photo of your product/service/gift voucher (low res jpeg or gif file please)
2. RRP of the item
3. a short description (140 char.)
4. your web address
Thanks in advance for your generosity, the power of mums is amazing, let's show the people of Tully and Cardwell that we're here for them!
Peace & Katy xxx


  1. Hi,
    Just to let you know I've added a link under Auctions and Raffles page of Qld floods help list here:
    Let me know if you want any changes.

  2. Thanks so much Emma! We really appreciate your support!

  3. Let us help the the victims to move on and continue life after the disaster.



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