Vespa & The Ladybird

VESPA & THE LADYBIRD Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps

An ancient custom now a modern accessory.
To help flatten and firm a new mums tummy...
The secret to getting your pre-preggie belly back!

10 reasons why our post pregnancy belly wraps are your maternity hospital bag must have:

1. Flattens and firms your tummy
2. Smoothes out lumps and bumps
3. Provides abdominal & lower back support
4. Added support after Caesarean surgery
5. Accelerates healing in abdominal separation
6. Minimises water retention and tummy bloating
7. Promotes good posture
8. Has an extra generous Velcro fastening strip which allows it to shrink as you shrink.
9. No tags or seams & available in a variety of ranges, colours and sizes
10. Recommended by physiotherapists and midwives

Order your VESPA & THE LADYBIRD Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps

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