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Hi everyone,
Katy and I have been following the federal election with interest, as I'm sure many of you also have been! It seems that much of the decision making at this time is falling to 4 independents - one of whom is Bob Katter the member for Kennedy - which is our electorate.

We've just emailed him this letter... shall let you know what he says:

Dear Mr Katter,
My sister and I both live in Innisfail and congratulate you on your win!  You may remember that we met you us as the founders of non-profit organisation 'Mothers Helping Others' and Peace was the Johnstone Shire Citizen of the Year in 2008 for her work with this group following Cyclone Larry.

We now run an online community helping mums and mums in business around Australia. These mums are finding a way to successfully raise their children and care for their families while also contributing to their families income and the economy. The National Broadband Network is extremely important to these families especially women like ourselves living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Currently connections in many parts of Australia are much slower than our metropolitan counterparts and this effects the way we are able to conduct our business and participate in economic growth at a national level. 

It is particularly important for:
  • women in rural Australia where there is less access to childcare and women need to work from home
  • women with children who are ill or have special needs a flexible work arrangement is a necessity to be able to fit in the many therapy sessions or specialist appointments that need to be attended
  • women with children under 5 who want to be present in their children's lives whilst still contributing to the family income
These innovative new businesses in many cases have the potential to:
  • Reduce the number of cars commuting to workplaces
  • Create employment opportunities which did not exist previously
  • Create new sources of revenue for Australia’s economy
  • Provide women with intellectual fulfillment and a sense of value
  • Increase women’s self esteem and self-confidence
  •  Increase women’s skill development
  • Increase socialization and the creation of new friendships and relationships
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Reduce the pressure of funded childcare
  • Reduce the number of hours women are away from their family
  • Enable mothers to be more available to participate in school, kindy and other activities
  • Allow mothers to return to the workforce and add to the economy
  • Empower mothers to be creative and grow their careers while being able to fulfill their own desires of being at home with their children as well
  • Allow women to create a flexible work arrangement that works around their family commitments

We would ask that you would please consider this when making your decision as to whether Australia needs a National Broadband Network,
Warm regards,

Peace Mitchell
Johnstone Shire Australia Day Citizen of the Year 2008

Peace Mitchell & Katy Garner
PO Box 1420


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