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In the lead up to Father's Day this week we are introducing Nick Bowditch of The Bowditch Group and AusDadpreneur of the Year Finalist.

 Nick Bowditch of The Bowditch Group and Dad to Ocean

Nick what were your initial reasons for wanting to work from home?

Initially it was to stop commuting four hours every day to Sydney and back to work. When I first started my business, we found out in the same week that we were expecting our first baby so the reason quickly became that I wanted to be at home with both my wife and her and watch her grow and not miss out on anything.

Why did you choose your business?
If you mean why did I choose working with small business, it was because I knew I could share with other small business owners like myself how I was able to build three successful businesses without spending a cent on advertising or conventional marketing. I knew I had a good story and that others might benefit from it.

What has been your greatest obstacle/challenge starting this Business?
Time. And working with a one year old crawling around my office since I work everyday from home. Early on in this business’ life, it was also establishing my brand but through social media, online marketing and speaking engagements (like the one I did at the Connect2Mums Conference in Brisbane) that has been building nicely ever since.

What advice would you give to other Dads that were thinking about working at home around their family?
I would say definitely do it. It has its challenges but there is seriously nothing better than knowing you are in your kids (and your partners’) life every day and your work doesn’t stop you being around them and watching them grow up. I wouldn’t have it any other way now.

How has your life changed since having children?
For me, I have gotten a lot less selfish. I now not only have to consider my wife but also my kids in everything I do. But its gotten more fun too – I could laugh at my daughter all day.

How do you strike a balance between work and family?
Discipline. Making sure I (try to) switch my brain off at a certain time each day and then commit to my family from that moment on.

Why do you love being a Dadpreneur?
Because it lets me work from home, be the master of my own destiny, and be around my wife and family and watch them grow it without giving up 4 hours every day to a commute and coming home knackered and cranky.

And What are you wishing for this Fathers Day?
A sleep-in past 6am.

Thanks Nick, a sleep-in is a must on Fathers Day! If you would like to find out more about Nick and The Bowditch Group take a look at the site and check out his blog some really great information there for anyone in small business!

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