What is a mumpreneur exactly?

Actually I looked for the definition of Mumpreneur in Wikipedia the other day and there was nothing, zip, zero, zilch!! Puzzled by this I decided to ask others what they thought a Mumpreneur was and it seems plenty of people knew exactly what it was and were more than happy to share their definition of what a Mumpreneur is!  Here are some of our favourites:

An entrepreneur who happens to be a mum!
Louise Deed www.scamps.co.nz

A visionary who is capable of anything she wants in life and goes after it despite lack of sleep, toy cars in her handbag, stickers on her computer monitor and crayon marks on her latest marketing proposal!
Kristy Rackham www.headspacebook.com

For me, being a Mumpreneur is someone who has the ability to find that happy medium between your family life and work life without having to choose between one or the other.
Louisa McCole www.acompany.com.au

A mum that loves what they do as a business but have the knowledge to multi-task the butt off it with kids, house and business and making it work!!
Nicole Lothian www.sosonsiteadmin.com.au

Mumpreneur – A multitasking woman who actively manages balance sheets and bed sheets, bibs and banking, bottom lines and bottoms, to achieve success as both primary family carer and business owner and operator.
Simone Caddell www.tinytutus.com.au

A Mumpreneur is a resourceful woman who through need, desire or other circumstances is (often) trying something new in business.
Deborah Davey www.etsy.com/shop/dspdavey

A master in multitasking, she is highly motivated, extremely resilient, yet loving and gentle with her children.
She stays up late at night to do her work, she gets up during the night to attend to her children.
She's an allrounder - marketing, accounting, design, HR, but also a master chef, a shopping expert, a nanny, a drop off service, a teachers aid.
Does anybody know another job that incorporates all these different aspects?
Ute Lorch www.mumcho.co.nz

A mum (obviously!) who has decided to go against the safe route of a usually guaranteed income and leave the workforce to pursue something she is passionate about. She uses the skills she has gained and enhanced through being a mum (budgeting, organising, delegating, problem solving, relationships) in her business, and has the goal of making an income from it.
Rebekah Lehman Cook http://blog.parentrooms.com.au/

A Mumpreneur is a woman who wants and needs to be business orientated, who needs and loves the stimulation running a business can give (if you are that way inclined) and a Mumpreneur still juggles her days to ensure her children (maybe not always) but majority of the time always come first. I love my children and my 4 stepchildren with all my heart but I have always admitted I am a mum that needs to work, and I am not ashamed of that.
Megan Waters www.serenebeauty.com.au

I would define a Mumpreneur as someone who is savvy and passionate about what they want to achieve, creative, nurturing with fabulous ideas and dreams together with the determination to say out loud that they want to achieve this dream. All the while having the patience and organizational skills to successfully run a family home and keep the kids entertained without running herself into the ground in the process.
Nicole Moss www.tobyandnic.com.au

I'm Jen and I'm a Mumpreneur... which for me means combining parenting and my business in a complementary way.

I work with so many women who are caught in the double bind of wanting to continue their careers; while also longing to spend more time with their young families. Becoming a Mumpreneur has really enabled me to achieve both.
Jen Dalitz www.sphinxx.com.au

I believe a Mumpreneur is someone who has created a business from the ground up. They have taken a vision and believed in themselves and their abilities and taken the risk to give it a go. It certainly takes patience and strength of character to stay focused while also maintaining your commitment to your most important job, motherhood.
Holly de Manincor www.bindababyessentials.com

A Mumpreneur is a self-employed mother. A mother who, despite having a family to care for, has decided to further her career in her chosen field and has managed to successfully juggle all the demands that come with being a working mother. Mumpreneurs rule!
Melissa Williscroft www.mjsvirtual.com.au

A Mumpreneur is be a part time entrepreneur whose priority remains with her family. One who walks the tightrope of business/home life with great care, someone who constantly reflects on her priorities, is flexible and yet focused.
Heather Greer www.naturalbirth.net.au

A Mumpreneur is no different to ANY entrepreneur - a person who identifies an opportunity and then takes action to pursue it - Being a parent just makes for a more challenging experience and different thoughts in terms of willingness to take risks.
Michelle Green www.threesweeties.com.au

To me a Mumpreneur is an amazing woman who shouldn't be underestimated!
Helen Butler www.clutterrescue.com.au

So there you go a Mumpreneur is many things – a mother, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman and a multi-taker! How would you define a mumpreneur?

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  1. Lovely definitions! Really can't agree more that "Mumpreneurs" incorporates mummyhood and entrepreneurship! And all for the sake of family and realising a dream!



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