Seach Engine Optimisation with VICKI FRITTMANN

VICKI FRITTMANN – Seach Engine Optimisation

Vicki Frittmann’s journey began when she attended an Ecommerce conference and began to build her first website.

She quickly realised that to have a website and products to sell was not enough. SEO was what the site needed to ensure that it ranked high in the search results.

After attending several more conferences relating to SEO, Vicki became a member of a USA based Online Merchant forum, made up of SEO experts, and spent months educating herself and applying the techniques, to her site, with amazing results.

For a new site, it ranked extremely well, much to the distaste of her competitors.

She soon became an active user at the “Online Merchant forum” and within 8 months was asked to be a moderator as well as contributing her SEO knowledge by giving other new merchants, site reviews.

The reviews brought pleasing results, and she soon found herself earning an income by helping others to achieve website success.

In mid 2007 she built her 2nd website, which ranks on page 1 for many keywords, by applying all the same SEO techniques and some new ones.

Vicki has spent several years building a library of information relating to Search Engine Optimization. The SEO learning curve never ends, so she continuously educates herself and her clients on new techniques and trends.

“I am fortunate enough to have a brother who is Head of SEO at Total Travel, a company now owned by Yahoo, and yes I pick his brains often, as we both prefer to rank organically as apposed to a PPC campaign” says Vicki.

So with all these resources at her fingertips and a passion for SEO, she has been able to share her knowledge with others, and help them, to build successful websites.

Over this last year she has been reviewing sites at C2U.

The feedback received, speaks for itself.

The info you provided was well worth the investment.

I can highly recommend Vicki. She provided a very in depth and useful report and suggestions for my website. Thank you for your fantastic service

Getting the website review with Vicki has been the best thing I have done... it has given me a massive understanding of what’s important for SEO, and an interest in reading and learning more.

Blog Review

If you are interested in book a SEO review for your business message

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