Fab Fit Pantyhose

Are you fed up with uncomfy tights? Over shapewear pantyhose that squeezes you so tight you can barely breathe? Or irritated by tights that dig into your waist leaving you with a bulging muffin top? 

Fab Fit Pantyhose are leading a pantyhose revolution. Fab Fit Pantyhose provide: 
1. Ultimate Comfort - The extra long body with its soft elastic top reaches to just under your bust and stays there. 
2. Fabulous Fit - Our tights create a smooth, flattering line under clothes without giving you the squeeze. They come in size average, tall and extra tall so they'll fit you perfectly 
3. Ultra Flattering Style - Fab Fit Pantyhose are completely opaque 100 denier, guaranteed to make you look and feel sexier Try them for yourself.
Visit www.fabfitpantyhose.com.au  

Find us at Facebook: www.facebook.com/FabFitTights

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