Baby Bumpers 2011 Bio-Oil AusMumpreneur Awards sponsor


We are pleased to announce BABY BUMPERS as a trophy sponsor for the 2011 AusMumpreneur Awards!

Here's some more about Baby Bumpers and what they do!

Does your baby crawl, or roll, scoot, slide, or move themselves across the floor in other ways besides crawling?
This may be because your child is uncomfortable on flooring surfaces.

Did you know that babies are not born with kneecaps, in their delicate knees?
As such, if you x ray an infants’ knees they do not show up the same as a big kid or adult; due to the fact that at birth, a baby's kneecaps are still just cartillage. The cartillage eventually develops into kneecaps as we know and love them. However, your baby and toddler will have to take a few spills while learning to crawl and walk in the growth phase. From the time your baby is somewhere between 3 to 5 years old, your baby will grow kneecaps, as big kids and adults have. Through this process, the child may have some discomfort moving around on modern floor surfaces and show the signs of minor bruising and abrasions. Many babies just choose not to crawl and this can lead to long term affects in other important developmental stages.
Through the crawling stage, your baby actually falls on cartillage that acts like a "sponge- compressor" to protect the developing kneecap. Most babies will find crawling fun and easy, but will often have red, sore, and bruised knees due to the floor surfaces and pulling up and falling down of the learning to crawl stages. Having the benefit of kneepad protection allows your baby to crawl in comfort and learn to walk or pull up and push a toddling bike, in safety and comfort. This developmental stage also has immeasurable benefits for co-ordination and right and left brain functions for use later in life. Helping your child to play and explore in comfort is a fun time for both child and parent.
To sift through the available choices of baby crawling kneepads on the market, always look for kneepads that are:
• Easy to attach and remove over bare legs and clothing
• Machine washable and dryable
• One size fits all
• Non slip on all surfaces
Once your baby begins to push up while on their bellies, they will soon be ready for crawling. This is the time to begin attaching the kneepads so baby gets used to feeling them on the knees. Soon they will be up and all around the home, exploring their environment and the most important time for a parent to have a completely "Baby proofed" home. For more information check out Happy crawling!


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