Need something done? Make a wish!

Last week was tough. We had a long list of things to do. Except they weren’t on a list yet they were all floating around as ideas and things to remember in our head. Some were urgent, some were essential, some weren’t. There’s two of us so most times this is a good thing. That is unless both of us are feeling overwhelmed, then its double the intensity.
We rely on lists and planning a lot, our business is expanding all the time so we need to keep track of everything going on, especially when its busy.

Normally we write a ‘to do’ list and divide the jobs up but we were both a little fragile and needed to go easy on ourselves. I’m glad we can recognise and acknowledge that in ourselves, rather than getting frustrated and beating ourselves up. So there was no to-do list last week.

Instead we made a pot of tea and wrote a wishlist. We jotted down everything we had floating around in our heads. The urgent, the not so urgent, the big, the little, the now, the later, the really very much later and only if we can figure out how to do it and have time. And because it was a wishlist we even added some little stars to it. There was no anxiety tied up to it that these were things that had to be done, straight away and somehow it felt a lot better than writing a boring to-do list.

After that we scheduled the ones we really had to do first into a weekly planner (a way better idea than trying to get everything done in one day). It took us about half an hour but then we were organised for the whole rest of the week and know exactly what needs to be done and what other things we can do if we have time!

I’m feeling so much more enthusiastic this week and not overwhelmed at all. The wishlist already has lots of lovely ticks on it now too where we’ve granted ourselves the wishes! I definitely think you should try it, if 'overwhelm' comes to visit you.

What tips do you have for making things more fun?


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