The top ten tips for writing a winning awards submission!

Getting started is often the hardest part of any task but once you do make a start the task always seems to get easier. Below are some ideas that I hope you will find useful to help you with completing your submission.
1. Arrange a time to phone or catch up with a friend. Discuss the questions you have to answer in your submission, and ask them for their thoughts and ideas about you. Sometimes people see something extraordinary in us that we take for granted! Jot down their ideas. These are people who believe in you and it is a great way to get ideas flowing for your submission.

2. Keep a notebook and pen handy (in your handbag, on the bedside table). As you experience the daily challenges and successes in your business, jot down the thoughts you have that might be able to help you with your submission.

3. Be proud of your business and don’t be afraid to talk yourself up, nominating yourself shows that you have confidence in your ability and believe in the benefits you are providing to your customers.

4. Read each question carefully and be concise and clear in your answers.

5. Presentation is important so ensure that your application is neat and free from grammatical errors. A typed submission always creates a better impression than a handwritten one.

6. Using your own branding and colours where appropriate can be a great way to create a memorable impression too.

7. When completing your submission answer all questions carefully and correctly. Reread the questions and your answers to ensure they correspond and think about the keywords the judges may be looking for.
8. It’s a good idea to have a few people read over your submission before sending it in, checking for grammar and spelling but also checking that your submission accurately tells the story of your business and what makes you unique.

9. Give yourself as many chances for success as possible – you’re able to nominate your business in up to 3 categories so choose which ones will apply to you best, we recommend entering at least one of the People’s Choice categories as these will also give your business exposure when voting begins.

10. Ensure you answer the question ‘Why do you think you should win this award?’ differently for each category you’re nominated in.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t make it through, the process and opportunity to reflect will strengthen your business and help you to be more prepared for next time.
Nominations for the 2011 Bio-Oil AusMumpreneur Awards close next Friday 17 June. Voting in People’s choice categories will begin in early July and finalists will also be announced in early July.

And remember if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask us at the awards group: , at our facebook page: or email us at
Good luck!
Peace & Katy

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