It Works! Marketing

It Works! Marketing...Take your Share of $24 Billion...Every year, a grand total of twenty-four billion dollars is spent on products in the health supplements, spa treatments, beauty supply and weight loss industries. When you become a distributor of our unique, naturally based products, you get a slice of that pie!

The Applicator(TM) is a truly unique, niche product that is hands-down today's premier all natural body slimming wrap! We were invited twice to bring the amazing slimming sensation to Hollywood and were featured in the Emmy & Oscar Awards celebrity gift suites.

The Applicator(TM) is a special, non woven lotion cloth which is easily applied to the skin and helps your body detoxify, tighten, tone & firm and reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite and fine wrinkles. AND if that is not enough, dramatic results are visible in as little as 45 minutes!
The unique performance and flexibility of The ApplicatorTM will allow you a variety of avenues for marketing including:

Tanning Salons & Day Spas
Massage Studios
Lucrative Home Parties
Fitness & Weight Loss Clubs
Health Food Stores
Online Web Sales!
Anywhere Else you can Imagine..


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