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Introducing Brigitte Hinneberg of Did You Remember The Milk?

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. As the seconds tick by, we’re making millions of decisions without thinking about it. 90% of the thoughts we have today are exactly the same thoughts as the ones we had yesterday. No wonder we sometimes feel we’re not getting the results we want fast enough. Can there really be enough time for it all? The answer is two simple words: Forward Planning. Imagine your goals and dreams, your to do list and your household management, your budget, your kids and your plans for a holiday all in the one place. You can stop re-inventing the wheel in your head every day. Free up your mind to focus on the task at hand and discover the time you really need.

Did You Remember the Milk? grew out of a personal need, and a specific ENOUGH! moment. It was 2004 and I’d just arrived home, looking forward to relaxing after yet another long day at work. Tripping over the pots on the front porch I’d been meaning to plant for a month, I stumbled inside and flicked the light switch. Darkness. With a tired, cranky baby in tow, I quickly rifled through a pile of bills, notices, unanswered invitations and receipts searching for my inevitably unpaid electricity bill. I went to dial the number....and found the phone had been disconnected. Enough was enough. Like most of today’s busy working mothers, I felt the need for a personal assistant...or a wife!! What I didn’t realise was just how many women were equally dissatisfied.

Hiring a PA was not a practical or affordable option so instead I created the next best thing - a comprehensive organiser combining tips, templates and action plans with removable sections that could be updated as life, inevitably, changed. Did You Remember The Milk? has now provided a solid foundation in thousands upon thousands of Aussie homes. Your own business is often about work/life balance – this organiser helps you achieve that, so you don’t miss out on the precious and important moments. provides more organising resources to complement our famous binder. Due to popular demand, we have now updated and converted Did You Remember the Milk? into a 318 page interactive eBook and are working on a dedicated international version in both print and digital.
I’ve been inspired by the success of Did You Remember the Milk? and the encouraging feedback about the organiser to help busy households and mumpreneurs re-introduce calm into their busy lives through coaching. I’m the Director of Momentum Coaching and Consulting, Australia and have a certificate IV in coaching from the Life Coaching Academy. I’ve also co-authored another book, Paper Flow – the ultimate guide to making paperwork easy. Paper Flow is now in its third print run and is transforming offices and homes around Australia.

I love my life and job. I spend my time talking to groups of busy mums, coaching, doing book signings, talking to media and distributors, and writing. I enjoy the flexibility my work allows, especially as I now have three young children, and the positive responses from people that have found my books and resources invaluable is incredibly rewarding. Today, people are busier than ever but I have a passion for showing them how to stay in control of their hectic lives. If there’s an easier way to get things done, I’m destined to find it.


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