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Meet Shelly-Zimmerman of MyColourCup
I didn't set out to start a company. I set out to fix my family. Okay that’s a bit harsh, I set out to train my family on how to reuse a cup they were already using. I was sick of seeing cups scattered throughout the house, on the coffee table, on the kitchen counter and no one claimed any of them. After several ineffective behavioral schemes and unsuccessful internet searches I broke down and designed what was not available and ended up with the MyColourCup Yeah, I definitely know which cup is mine!

Twist-id Products is now a fully incorporated company and has been selling the MyColourCup online since the beginning of 2010. The MyColourCup is a registered Australian trademark. I also have been granted a Australian innovative patent for the cups design. It’s taken over a year to get to this point but it was well worth it. When I first started thinking about solving this problem I told myself it would be fun and I needed a change in my life. I had a lot of growing to do both on the personal and intellectual level. I have read several books on motivation just to get me started and keep me going. The one theme that I pulled out of all that I have read is that you need a vision so that you have an engrained image to focus on and a path to go down. Arnold Schwarzenegger has done this several times from bodybuilder, to actor, to politician.

I don’t think I choose this business it choose me. I like creating things from scratch and creating a product is a bit like raising a child and my four kids have give me plenty of experience every day.

My Colour Cup is availabale online at


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  1. Loved reading this Shelly! You're awesome... and so is your product.



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