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Meet Beverley-Anne Rolt of Trendy Kidz

Hi! I’m Bev, I live in Perth, WA and I am a single mum to two gorgeous teenage girls and the owner of TrendyKidz™.

When my girls were entering puberty, I couldn’t find ANYTHING appropriate for them to wear. My 12yr old was 'chunky' and needed a ladies sz 14, my 13 yr old was tall and skinny and needed a ladies size 10 for length in the arms and legs. These clothes were inappropriate (think plunging necklines and low-rise pants!!), but all that fitted them.

So, I registered my business name in 2004 and went to China to find a manufacturer..... I was so naive!
It took lots of time, hurdles and pitfalls before the 1st sample was even produced. The minimum quantities were HUGE and I found it difficult to keep returning to China to conduct business face to face, as seemed necessary at the time.

I knew the clothes that I had designed were exceptional quality and I wanted to be competitive in the market place, but it wasn’t viable with such large production quantities.

In 2007 I left China (and my marriage and my career and went to Bali for a holiday..... as you do!!)
During that week, I met with all the factories there that produce export quality garments.... they were filthy! I couldn’t bring myself to use them! I flew home and 2 days later flew back, bit the bullet (so to speak). I sourced a building, rented it, gutted it and set up my own factory, in a village, 30mins out of Kuta (the main tourist area).

By being a business owner in Bali, I am able to support my whole village, its school and the local orphanage. I get great pleasure from seeing the staff and their families thrive and have found that starting this business has been the most satisfying thing I have ever done!

I receive donations from all over, to take to the orphanage (second hand toys, clothes, shoes, linen, new toiletries etc). The children at school receive nourishment and stationary and I also collect used mobile phones for the villagers on the outskirts of Bali; you can read more about that here

I feel very blessed and fortunate because my staff have incredible skills. Originally, my goal was to offer age appropriate clothing for all kids, regardless of their size and a quality product for people who could not necessarily afford the designer labels in the market place. I can now do this is because I own the factory (renowned as the cleanest factory in Bali!) The clothes are exceptional quality and we have expanded our range to cater from baby to teen and some yummy mummies too!

We also produce for many other labels now (Australian and international), meaning that others don’t have to go through the same challenges that I did, in the beginning. My factory has recently tripled in size!
I also get to fly to Bali every 6-8 weeks, so have found my dream job...

You can visit Bev's store Trendy Kidz here


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