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Meet Cassandra Henry of Zimmer and Jee

At Zimmer & Jee my goal is to make caring for your baby, toddler & child a little easier by offering you a great selection of products that I have used and have proven successful. Specialising in children under 3 years with an ever-expanding organic, eco friendly & chemical free selection, I offer you the best in the categories I keep.

I'm Cassandra Henry, owner and mum of the two little boys that inspired this store. What started as a personal journey to find appropriate products to make life easier for my children expanded into Zimmer & Jee online baby and toddler store - where I offer my affordable, fashionable & personally tested range to other parents. The concept of Zimmer & Jee came from becoming a Mum, as both my boys experienced feeding difficulties, developmental delays, chronic allergies, asthma, eczema and food intolerances. They suffered a range of reactions; often to uncommon sources; making it crucial that I found clothing, toys, bedding, sleepwear and feeding equipment that would make daily life easier on all of us.

I researched, sourced and trialled many products, that I often had to order from overseas or interstate, which became very costly. At Zimmer & Jee I offer you the products and brands that I found successful, saving you the time and expense. Not only are my brands and products excellent quality and proven successful, it's all very affordable being priced below RRP, and with most orders shipped Australia wide absolutely free!

A love of children; a need for excellent quality and affordable products; a desire to offer cost effective eco-friendly, organic & chemical free brands; plus an overwhelming desire to make little people & their parent's happy is what drives me to keep doing what I do at Zimmer & Jee.


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