Whahoo Baby Horoscope

Whahoo Baby Horoscopes

Childhood is a time filled with promise. A new life, fresh beginnings, and for parents and teachers -- it’s the ultimate challenge. How many times have parents wondered why kids did not come with instruction manuals?! There’s a secret: they do!

Each person is born at a special time, on a certain day and place. Astrologers use this information to chart the positions of the planets relative to the date, time and place of birth. This chart, or horoscope, provides an invaluable and exceptional view of the potentials, drives and needs for a person – even for a baby.

A Whahoo Baby Horoscope is a personal birth chart specifically designed to describe the personality of your baby from infancy up until the age of 12 or so. To order your baby horoscope visit http://www.whahoo.com.au/  Share

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