Mumi & Bubi

Mumi & Bubi

It's simple & easy to start your baby on solid food and make your own healthy, homemade baby food with the internationally award winning mumi&bubi ‘Solids Starter Kit’

Specially designed to freeze big batches of baby puree as well as meals for older babies, these generously proportioned freezing trays are a real time- and money-saver.

Each 'Solids Starter Kit' includes;

2 premium BPA-free freezer trays with lids
a step-by-step guide with 27 recipes
each cube has a 2 Tablespoon capacity and there are 21 cubes in each tray ~ 42 cubes in total!
These specialty baby puree freezing trays have the largest puree capacity on the market, yet they stack neatly and maintain a compact profile saving space in your freezer.

What’s in the Recipe Booklet?

3 easy steps to begin
Shopping Lists with quantities so you know exactly what you need
Nutritional Information
27 Recipes

Get your Mumi & Bubi kit online at


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