Meet Elissa Platt of Baby Ear Muffs Australia

Meet Elissa Platt of Baby Ear Muffs Australia

In 2007 Baby Ear Muffs Australia become the first of its kind, Australia’s first online store dedicated solely to providing hearing protection options suitable for babies and kids.

We started small, but today we offer parents a place were they can choose from the worlds largest range of ear muffs designed especially for kids.

Shortly after my son was born we had a need for suitable sized ear muffs, I searched Australia wide, online and in retail stores but kept coming up empty handed. During this process I stumbled across other mums who had the same need. Eventually I found some kids ear muffs overseas and set about creating Baby Ear Muffs Australia so that mums had a place to purchase children’s hearing protection in Australia. Today our aim is also to educate parents in the dangers of exposing children to loud noise.

A baby or young child will probably not protest when the environment is too loud and as their hearing is especially sensitive it can be easily damaged for the rest of their life. Damaged hearing can cause problems with sleeping, behavior and learning, and it is not always picked up until the child is older.

Hearing is one of the few things these days that is not repairable, replaceable or fixable, once your child’s
hearing is damaged it cannot be repaired.

Hearing protection for kids is absolutely necessary in loud situations such as motor racing events, concerts and festivals, sporting events, air shows, fireworks, mowing the lawn with dad, and plenty of other situations.
Our children’s hearing is precious and easily damaged….why risk it?

You can see the full range of Ear Muffs available online at Baby Ear Muffs Australia


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