itti bitti Nappies

itti bitti Nappies
The itti bitti nappy co was established late in 2005, when expat kiwi (now Newcastle Australia) mum to two and cloth nappy lover Sue McLauchlin, designed a uniquely shaped, fitted cloth nappy to suit her itty bitty premature baby daughter. Unhappy with the bulk of many nappies, which were especially large on a small baby, Sue’s design was very trim, much trimmer than anything else on the market. The slim crotch and high cut shape of the front suits not just small babies but those with chubby legs as well, with a super snug fit making them truly as tiny as a disposable. The low rise means a fantastic fit under clothes designed for disposables too. The nappies were named after Sue's itty bitty daughter as she was the inspiration for the design.

itti bitti nappies were introduced to New Zealand in 2008 and have been growing in popularity ever since.

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